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10 Things to Eat For Strong Nails

November 06, 2021

Whether you prefer your nails long or short, we can all agree that our first priority is to have our nails healthy and strong.

The Lazy Girl’t take much work i

November 06, 2021

Nails can get overlooked in favour of hair and skin when it comes to pamper time. But pretty nails don’t take much work if you know the right secrets. In 7 years of at-home manicures, I’ve learned more than my fair share so I’m going to bestow them upon you!

8 Simple Steps to Achieve Chic Negative Space Nail Art

November 06, 2021

We are so happy to see people showing off their healthy and natural nails in their beautiful and creative negative space manicures.

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Making Your Self-Care Time All of the Time, by Tara Stiles

It’s so easy to not make time for self-care, but when you realize it’s a big secret to setting the tone for how you think, move, and feel, and how you show up in the world, priorities can shift. Now more than ever, we are ready for our priorities to shift. We are ready to change everything and work toward a better way

Coolest winter non-toxic nail polish colors

February 25, 2021

Non-toxic polishes exclude all the bad stuff found in most polish formulas, and with winter approaching it’s important to take care of our health. Even something as little as switching to a healthier polish formula can help make sure your body is the healthiest it can be.

8 Valentine’s common to forg

This month, we are encouraging our sundays fam to Be Your Own Valentine by focusing on self-love and romancing yourself. With February typically being a month to show love to those around you, it’s common to forget to prioritize yourself. This is your reminder to pause, reflect, and acknowledge how amazing you are! We want you all to practice self-love and make self-care a habit.